About Sandifer’s

Natural Stone Restoration, Cleaning, Polishing, and Repair

A Strong Foundation

John Sandifer built the foundation of Sandifer’s Stone and Tile care on the standards and principles taught to him by his mentor, Maurizio Bertoli. One of the foremost stone restoration experts in the country, Bertoli shared his knowledge by teaching for the International Training Centers for the Stone Industry (ITCS). As Bertoli’s apprentice, John found a passion for excellence, excelling in natural stone restoration, cleaning, polishing, and repair. Sandifer’s Stone and Tile Care takes pride in implementing natural stone restoration techniques taught by internationally renowned expert Maurizio Bertoli, offering services in Charlotte NC, Columbia SC, and surrounding areas.

A Word About Maurizio Bertoli 

Bertoli was truly an old world craftsman. Although commonly characterized as a brash Italian, his honesty and expertise made him a well respected contributor to the natural stone craft community. Bertoli offered advice to various forums, wrote articles, and authored a book detailing the natural stone maintenance and restoration process. Frustrated by the astounding amount of misinformation in the industry, he resolved to pass on his knowledge to consumers. As a teacher, his expert knowledge and innovation has proven invaluable.

With prestigious clients such as Walt Disney World, the U.S. Senate, and The Bank of China, Bertoli gained international recognition as a master in his industry. Bertoli didn’t just offer advice and provide insurmountable service, he created standards in the craft and set the bar for the stone restoration industry.

Maurizio Bertoli’s Legacy Lives On

In August of 2008 his life was cut short by a tragic accident. Maurizio Bertoli lives on in our hearts and hands. Skills such as these will be passed on through generations by practicing the ethics and techniques taught by a true craftsman.

natural stone restoration, cleaning, polishing, and repair