The use of limestone is popular in both bathroom and kitchen areas due to its relative durability and resistance to moisture. Because it’s made from sand and aquatic shell life, limestone is also more eco-friendly than a lot of other countertop and flooring options. Limestone is also a lot more affordable than other stone options.

However, limestone does have its weaknesses. If it’s not properly maintained, it does run the risk of being damaged. This is because limestone is softer than other natural stone materials, which means it can be more easily damaged. Fortunately, here at Sandifer’s Stone & Tile Care, we can repair damaged limestone tiles or countertops back to their original beauty.

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Limestone Repair in Charlotte, NC

All of our technicians are highly trained to use industry-approved methods in order to repair your damaged limestone tiles and countertops. We are able to restore your limestone no matter what type of damage it’s experienced, including the following:

  • Scratches – Because limestone is soft, it’s more vulnerable to scratching than other natural stones. Fortunately, these blemishes can be removed in order to restore your limestone’s original luster. We use a honing process that involves high-tech equipment in order to grind a very small layer off of the limestone, thereby removing all scratches and blemishes.
  • Chips and cracks – Limestone can experience chips and cracks over the course of its life, especially in areas of high foot traffic. We make use of specialized abrasives and patching methods in order to repair deep scratches and broken tiles. We will also correct uneven tiles to ensure that the surface is flat. Once we’re done, we will add finishing touches so that the limestone looks as good as new.
  • Tile replacement – Any limestone tiles that are broken beyond repair can be replaced. You’ll never notice that one of your tiles was replaced either, not after we add finish and polish to adjust the hue of the replacement tile to better match the rest of your limestone.

In addition to repairing your limestone floors, walls, and countertops, we can also clean it and seal it to help prevent further damage.

Our Limestone Repair Process

The following are the steps we will take when you hire our limestone repair service in Charlotte:

  1. Perform an in-depth limestone evaluation – We will inspect your limestone to determine how much damage needs to be repaired and what type of finish we should use. We’ll make recommendations based on our evaluation.
  2. Repair damaged limestone – We will repair the damaged limestone following the evaluation and after you’ve provided permission to go ahead with the work.
  3. Add sealant – We will seal your limestone flooring, walls, or countertops to help prevent further damage.
  4. Add finish – We will polish the limestone by adding a beautiful new finish.

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