For many homeowners, sandstone is a unique alternative to some of the more common stone options that are used for countertops and flooring. Sandstone can be used in both polished and unpolished forms to create two different looks. Unpolished sandstone provides a more natural look, while polished sandstone offers a more elegant shine and takes on an appearance that’s similar to granite.

Sandstone is made from talc and other composite materials, which means that it is both soft and porous. Because of this, it needs to be sealed every few years. Without proper maintenance, it’s more vulnerable to damage. The softness of the stone means that it’s also more vulnerable to cracks and chips. However, if your sandstone countertops or floors are damaged, we can repair them here at Sandifer’s Stone & Tile Care.

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Our Sandstone Repair Services in Charlotte, NC

Our technicians are not only highly trained in all of the latest sandstone repair methods – all of which are industry standard, but they have the experience and expertise required to perform sandstone repairs properly using our high-tech equipment. 

Because sandstone is rather soft, it can experience cracks, chips, scratches and general tear if not properly maintained. We make use of specialized equipment in order to buff the top layer of your sandstone counters or flooring to remove these imperfections. Sandstone that hasn’t been properly sealed is more likely to experience stains as well. We can buff these stains out before resealing your countertops or floors to help prevent further damage.

Our Sandstone Repair Process

Our years of experience ensures that we know exactly what to do when you schedule an appointment for sandstone repair. The following are the steps that our highly-trained technicians will follow during a sandstone repair appointment:

  1. Evaluate the damage – Our technicians will carefully inspect your sandstone flooring and/or countertops to determine where the damage is and how extensive the damage is. They will then inform you of the damage and recommend the best course of action.
  2. Repair the damage – We will not perform repair work until we receive your permission do so. Once you’ve provided the go-ahead, our technicians will restore your damaged sandstone.
  3. Seal the sandstone – Once the damage has been repaired, we will add a sealant to your sandstone floors or countertops. Sealing the sandstone is necessary to prevent damage. Not only does sealant help protect against scratches and other light damage, it will also keep the stone from being stained by dirt, oils, liquids, and grease.
  4. Polish the surface – Depending on how you want your sandstone to look, we may polish the surface. If you prefer the more natural, earthy look of unpolished sandstone, we will not add a finish to your flooring or countertops.

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