The popularity of granite countertops has as much to do with their durability and low maintenance as it does with the stone’s natural beauty. Granite is not impervious to stains and damage, however, so it’s good to protect this wonderful part of your home with the proper maintenance. 

Here are our 10 favorite tips for protecting granite countertops the right way.

1. Be Most Careful with Light-Colored Granite

Lighter shades of granite are less dense and more porous compared to dark varieties like black and green. Protect light granite with a strong seal, and take extra care to avoid stains from food and cleaners.

2. Don’t Let Spills Sit

Granite does not need constant washing, but you should wipe it down with a wet cloth and dry up spilled water when you see it. Oils from foods and even plain water can darken the stone.

3. Restore and Repair Chipped or Cracked Granite

Once granite has chips or cracks, the damaged spot becomes more exposed and vulnerable to bacteria and stains. Granite countertop restoration can repair these issues while protecting the counter from further damage.

4. Know What Stains Granite

The substances that are most likely to stain granite include the usual suspects like coffee, wine, and tomato sauce, but you should also be sure to wipe up any colorful spills or anything that contains acid or oil.

5. Use Containers

Make use of decorative trivets and cutting boards to keep fruit, veggies, oil and vinegar cruets, and other items from directly sitting on the granite countertop. Wine coasters are great for bottles that have already been open.

6. Use Mild Cleaners

Granite counters are highly scratch-resistant, even against acids like vinegar and citrus. However, these popular natural cleaning products can cause stains or even a severe reaction depending on the exact composition of the stone. Stick with mild soaps or stone cleaners.

7. Protect When Entertaining

Show off your beautiful granite to guests, but protect it with a table runner or tablecloth so you don’t have to tell everyone to use coasters. Place appetizers, snacks, dessert trays, and cocktail ingredients on a protected surface. 

8. Cutting Boards for Raw Meat

You can cut on granite countertops, but it dulls the blades. Most importantly, you should use cutting boards for raw meat because germs may seep in and cause odors and health hazards.

9. Avoid Scratched Granite

Granite countertops are much harder than most substances they will come into contact with. Exceptions include ceramic and some stoneware, and of course diamond jewelry.

10. Deep Clean and Seal Annually

About once a year, conduct a deep cleaning to remove grease, germs, and stains, along with resealing the granite for protection. For the best results and longest lasting protection, our granite restoration experts can do this for you.

Granite Countertop Restoration in Charlotte, NC

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