Rarely can you buy the exact amount of tile that you need for a wall or floor tile project. Even if you can, you still need extra for the inevitable cracked tile and other problems. 

Many people stick to a rule of 10% extra tile, but you may need more in some cases. Other times, you can confidently save money by buying less if you have a great estimate of the materials from the start.

Take these considerations into account when deciding how much tile to order. Then, be sure to apply a good seal after installation and keep the extra tile in a safe place for later.

Reasons to Order Extra Tile

No matter how straight forward your tile floor or wall project may seem, there are numerous reasons that you will need more than just “enough” materials:

  • Cutting tiles during installation
  • Imperfect or broken tiles during installation
  • Extra tiles for oddly shaped rooms
  • Extra tiles when using diamonds or unusual shapes
  • Cracks and damage later
  • To avoid more shipping charges if you run out of tiles
  • In case the tiles are discontinued or out of stock later

Percentage of Extra Tile to Save: 5%, 10%, 15%?

Ask different contractors and flooring salespeople, and you will get different answers to this question. The best answer varies based on the project, the tile shape and size, and whether you are planning on a professional or DIY tile installation.

As a general rule, buy 10 – 15% extra tile for any project. The only reason to buy less would be the savings. However, you will probably end up spending more if you have to go out and find more tiles later, especially if you run into a minimum purchase amount or expedited shipping charges.

Estimate Tile Waste

You can feel more comfortable with the amount of tile to save for later if you know exactly how much extra tile you need immediately for cutting and breakage. For more expensive materials such as marble, granite, limestone, or quartz tiles, it’s worth taking very specific measurements to get an accurate estimate. 

Ask a professional installer to come out to the house, if necessary, to look at the space. If you’re looking at a floor plan or doing the math in your head, remember to take into account all the little factors, such as baseboard molding and door frames.

Saving Replacement Tiles for the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected. Our Charlotte tile repair services have you covered for any kind of damage or replacement needs. If you have some of the original tile saved, it is much easier to get a perfect, seamless look.

After your new tile has been installed, Sandifer’s Stone and Tile Care can apply a professional-quality tile seal for easy maintenance. Then, if you ever do have a chipped or broken tile, you’ll have extra tiles waiting and you can contact us for tile repair or replacement services anywhere in the greater Charlotte area.