DIY Ceramic Tile Replacement

If you have ceramic tile in your kitchen or bathroom, you know that it’s a pretty low-maintenance surface that is durable and withstands almost any work it endures. But, ceramic tile is not invincible, nor should you treat it that way. If your ceramic tile is cracked, chipped, loose, or flat out broken beyond repair you will most likely need to replace the entire tile. If you’re left wondering how in the world you’re going to replace your broken ceramic tiles, don’t worry! Our stone and tile experts are here to help!

Steps for How to Replace Broken Ceramic Tiles

  1. Locate all of the broken ceramic tiles to replace – Although this seems like a pretty obvious step, it’s important to make sure you’ve located ALL of the broken ceramic tiles that need replacing. Often times small chips and cracks can be found in other tiles, but are left unnoticed thanks to one tile having significantly more damage. Take a minute to do a scan of the entire tiled area to ensure no broken tile is missed.
  2. Find and purchase your replacement ceramic tiles – If you installed the ceramic tile in your home yourself, you may have an extra tile or two lying around. If not, you may need to reach out to your contractor or re-purchase tiles for the job.
  3. Chisel out the grout surrounding the broken ceramic tile – You can pick up a grout raker at your local home improvement store for a few dollars. You’ll need to chisel out the grout around the edge of the tile before it can be removed.
  4. Drill holes in the tile – Grab your power drill and put a bunch of holes throughout the entire piece of tile. This helps break up the tile and easier to remove.
  5. Use a hammer and chisel to remove the broken ceramic tile – Next, get a heavy hammer and chisel to remove the tile. It should come apart in small chunks thanks to the holes you drilled in step four of how to replace a broken ceramic tiles.
  6. Remove the old adhesive using – Grab your chisel or a paint scraper and remove any old adhesive on the floor.
  7. Apply new adhesive – Once you have a clean, flat surface, you can apply fresh adhesive to the back of your replacement ceramic tile and lay it down in the same spot the broken tile once was.
  8. Let the adhesive dry – Let the replacement ceramic tile settle into place and the adhesive to dry, ensuring the best installation possible.
  9. Re-grout the tile – Re-grout the tile and clean off any excess with a damp sponge.

That’s it – you’re done!

Ceramic Tile Repair in Charlotte, NC

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