If you have a beautiful stone fireplace in your home, then it’s no doubt the focal point of whatever room it’s situated in. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that you take care of it, which means that you’ll want to clean it on a regular basis. Cleaning a fireplace in general can be somewhat of a challenge due to the dust and soot that you will need to clean up. The following are a few tips to help you clean your stone fireplace effectively:

  • Lay down a tarp – Because soot, dirt and dust can spread easily while you’re cleaning, get yourself a tarp and lay it down in front of the fireplace so that you don’t get the floor around the fireplace dirty.
  • Remove logs or coal – Put on a pair of rubber gloves and clear out the grate, removing any logs or coal that you use for your fires.
  • Clean the inside of the fireplace – There are two ways that you can clean the interior of your fireplace. You can simply use a vacuum to suck up all the soot, or you can do it manually using a dustpan and brush. If you decide to use a dustpan and a brush, make sure the brush is a heavy-duty brush. Before you begin sweeping up soot, sprinkle some used coffee grounds over the ashes. This will help to prevent them from billowing up into the air and spreading throughout the area while you are trying to brush them up. Once you finish with the interior floor, dust the interior walls. Brush up or vacuum up any excess ash that falls to the ground.
  • Clean the exterior – Spray water onto the stone exterior of the fireplace, specifically onto any areas that are sooty or blackened. Use a washcloth to wipe these areas down. If there are any dirty areas that you can’t wipe off, use a household cleaning fluid. Just make sure that it’s appropriate for use on the stone that you are cleaning.
  • Clean the accessories – After you’re done cleaning and wiping down the inside and outside of the fireplace, use your cleaning agent along with warm water to wipe down your screen, grate or any other fireplace fixtures that you have.

These tips should help you to effectively clean a granite or marble fireplace. If you have a limestone fireplace, use a softer brush to avoid damaging the more delicate stone. If you have a sandstone fireplace, be sure to avoid the use of any type of chemical cleaners as they can cause discoloration and can even damage the stone.

If you own a beautiful stone fireplace, you’ll want to keep it looking its best. Cleaning it on a regular basis will not only preserve its look, but help ensure a clean home in general. For all of your stone care needs in Charlotte and the surrounding areas, be sure to contact us at Sandifer’s Stone & Tile Care today for a free estimate.